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Motivational Speaker Frank Bolella on Self-Concept



In conclusion, Self concepts are beliefs that every person has about themselves. Your self concept changes through out your life, shaped by the different experiences that you have from when you are a small child until the day that you die. The concepts that have about yourself are enduring, people can change the way they view themselves as their life changes and progresses, but for the most part how you view yourself will not change significantly. If you see yourself as shy or as a happy go lucky person this will probably stick with you for the rest of your life. Our family, peers, community and other people around us have a major impact on ourself concept. People can help us develop ourself concepts through their values and beliefs, and judgments of our characteristics. We use others to develop our self concept in the way we select groups to compare ourselves to. Our self concepts effect the way we interact with the world and in turn how the world reacts to us. A couple ways our self concept effects our interactions are through self monitoring and self fulfilling prophecies. Finally it is very important that our self concepts are as accurate as possible as our self concepts will ultimately determine what we will do, the experiences we will have and the person we project.

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